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Blue Vomit Bags | Disposable Emesis Bags - Pack of 50
Disposable Emesis Bags, 50 Pack Vomit Bags, Blue Disposable Puke Bags For Car, Motion / Morning SicknessFeatures:Classic..
Vomit Bags for Car, 25 Pack Blue Emesis Bags
Leakproof Emesis Bags | Disposable Blue Vomit Bag Secure Ring Closure | Air, Sea, Motion & Morning Sickness Vomiting..
12 Pack Blue Emesis Bags Blue Waste Disposal Bags
Vomit Bags for Car, 12 Pack Emesis Bags - Travel Motion Sick Throw up Bag/Disposable Blue Barf Bag for Morning Sickness ..
Emesis Bags, 100 Pcs Vomit Bags for Car
SPECIFICATIONS:Material:PEI (Polyetherimide)✔ Emesis Bags are needed at a moments notice. The product's design allo..
Top Quality 50 Pack Blue Vomit Bags Disposable Emesis Bag
Disposable Emesis Bags, 50 Pack Vomit Bags, Blue Disposable Puke Bags For Car, Motion / Morning SicknessFeatures:✔ ..
Classic White Emesis Waste Disposal Vomit Bag 50 Pack
White Vomit Bags | Disposable Barf Bag | Emesis Bags | Puke Bags for Kids, Car, Uber, Lyft, Travel, Environmental Paper ..
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These bags have many names: emesis bags, vomit bags, puke bags, barf bags, nausea bags, throw up bags, disposable waste bags, hospital vomit bags, air sickness bags… the list goes on. Our medical vomit bag is small size and easy to carry bag not only provided to passengers on board airplanes and boats to collect and contain vomit in the event of motion sickness.

Ideal for vomit and urine disposal.

The eme bag also features an easy to use opening that creates a funnel for a “mess free” use.

Can be used as a sickness bag and feature a tie off at the ring to reduce contamination and smell as well as graduated markings to measure oz/cc/mL.  

Avoid all vomit mess while protecting your clothes, carpet, furniture and car from undesirable stains and clean-up. 

Its lightweight, compact size makes it convenient to have with you at all times: home, school, work and travel. 

After use, simply twists the emesis bag shut to trap in odor and mess and allows for easy, spill-free disposal.

Our vomit bags are designed to contain a patient's vomit in the most hygienic way possible. These barf bags are for sale in bulk and are suitable for a range of different industries and facilities:


Medical and Dental Clinics

School and Childcare Facilities

Day and Aged Care Facilities

Coaches, Taxis, and Boats

Home Use