About Us

WWW.PUKEBAG.COM is an online international retailer of best seller Vomit Bags, Disposal Sickness Bags, Sick Sack, Airsickness Bags, Emesis Bags, Barf Bags. Our website and products are known and loved around the world. At pukebag.com you can find products you bought are so cheap and very good quality. 

Our mission is to provide the best and cheap vomit bags & care accessories for our customers, We aim to develop more repeat customers, offer them best service and products. We strive for exceptional quality, innovative function, and excellence in customer service.

We focus on exceptional customer service, product innovation, website usability and creative marketing keeps us at the forefront of developments in emesis bag products and ecommerce.Our aim is to continue to supply the international market with quality items at great prices with an unprecedented level of service. In accordance with this, we have established a fully comprehensive and secure one stop website, to all our customers both old and new, we thank you for your support and patronage in our exciting venture!

Our vomit bags are designed to contain a patient's vomit in the most hygienic way possible. These barf bags are for sale in bulk and are suitable for a range of different industries and facilities:

Traveling, on Train/Airplane/Car/ Boat, etc.

Hospitals, for Pregnant woman/Children/ Motion sickness patient, etc.

Home Use, for Baby/Older/Pregnant woman, etc.

Medical and Dental Clinics.

School and Childcare Facilities.

Day and Aged Care Facilities.

Taxis, Uber Drivers, Coaches, etc.

We're proud of that what we do is good for your health care. It's so amazing that we bring convenient and happiness to thousands of people all over the world. Our products have exported overseas, we have established stable customers base and sales channels, such as USA, Europe, Australia, etc. We are looking forward your inquiry and repurchase!