Blue Vomit Bags | Disposable Emesis Bags - Pack of 50

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Disposable Emesis Bags, 50 Pack Vomit Bags, Blue Disposable Puke Bags For Car, Motion / Morning Sickness

Classic Blue Vomit / Barf Bags for Travel Motion Sickness Digestion & Nausea.
Portable, Easy to use, Discrete & Disposable.
Emesis Measurement, Graduated Markings to Measure Oz And CC/ML
Convenient Closure System - Twist, And Secure Bag Into Notched Ring, Eliminate Exposure To Vomit And Helps Eliminate Odors
Perfect For Car Motion Sickness Kids, Pregnant Women, Drunk Uber & Lyft Passengers.
This Blue emesis bags can eliminate exposure to vomit, helps eliminate odors on cars, camping and other public places, handy for use with kids and pets, too, convenient closure system - twist, and secure bag into notched ring.
The bags with Graduated markings to measure oz and cc/mL Single use Latex-free, capacity holds more than 1500 cc/ml.


Number of bags: 50 Pcs

Vomit bag Capacity: Over 1500 ML

This watertight disposable plastic barf bag is designed for expecting mothers with morning sickness, queasy passengers or for anyone with an upset stomach. The vomit bag comes equipped with a hard plastic o-ring so you do not have to worry about finding the bag opening it when you need it most! These sick bags stow compactly so you can discretely carry them in your bag or vehicle. The emesis bags are ideal people on the go, and are a welcome accessory for any taxi, bus, Uber or Lyft drivers. The barf bag can temporarily close (not watertight) more than 30 ounce volume by twisting and hooking neck of bag on the o-ring to reduce odors.

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