Emesis Bags, 100 Pcs Vomit Bags for Car

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Material:PEI (Polyetherimide)

 Emesis Bags are needed at a moments notice. The product's design allows it to hide in many easily accessed locations. It opens easily, even in a rush.

 CONVENIENT AND EASY TO USE: This barf bag has a big opening rim that fits perfectly in the mouth area to prevent spillage when used. It is also very easy to wrap up and dispose after vomiting.

 SECURE AND SEALED: With its closure system - twist, and secure bag into a notched ring that helps to seal and eliminate odors and reduce contamination.

 COST-EFFECTIVE: The efficiency of this product is worth the price. This 45-pack puke bag will prevent vomit fluids from spilling all over your clothes, car seat, carpet saving you from paying for cleaning services. This is a must have for taxis and car service providers.

 LIGHT WEIGHT: It is a hand carry one- size bag that has a 1000ml and can be easily tucked anywhere for easy access when urgently needed.

 ALTERNATIVE USES: This sealable vomit bag can also be used for motion and air sickness. And this is also very useful in throwing waste products that emit pungent smells like rotting and spoiled food.

 A TRAVEL MUST-HAVE - Travel worry free with this plastic puke bag that is ideal for long road trips with your family and friends. Keep shirts, pants, and car seats clean and free from barf. No more messy clothes or paying for expensive cleaning services for your car’s interior! Easy to wrap and dispose after use.

 PORTABLE & HANDY - Ideal for individuals who easily suffer from motion sickness, queasy passengers, or anyone with an upset stomach. Small, lightweight and compact allow a discreet carry inside your bag so you can take them with you on your travels by air, land, or sea! Features a wide opening to prevent spills when in use. Easily seal afterwards to eliminate leaks during disposal.

 TIGHT, SECURE SEAL - A step up from frail and weak paper barf bags, these premium quality emesis bags are constructed from strong, ultra-durable materials allowing them to take some abuse while keeping your waste from spilling out. Sturdy and leak resistant to safely hold liquids inside the bag and can be tightly sealed to prevent contamination and block rancid odors from seeping through. An excellent addition to your home and travel supplies kit.

 CONVENIENT - Perfect for taxis and carpool drivers who want an alternative to providing their passengers with a bulky bucket, or a paper bag. Reliable and designed to fit inside your glove box or be tucked along car door compartments, allowing your travelers to have an unobstructed seating experience. No more rummaging inside your vehicle and causing a mess to find vomit bags!

 VERSATILE USE - Not just for traveling purposes, these disposable emesis bags are also safe for pregnant, expecting mothers who are prone to morning sickness, and nausea. Ideal also for children with medical or health conditions who need to keep a vomit bag handy or individuals that want a convenient emesis bag beside their beds. Simple to wrap up after use and keeps its content firmly sealed and safe to dispose.

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