12 Pack Blue Emesis Bags Blue Waste Disposal Bags

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Vomit Bags for Car, 12 Pack Emesis Bags - Travel Motion Sick Throw up Bag/Disposable Blue Barf Bag for Morning Sickness & Hangovers


PREVENT MESSY & STINKY ACCIDENTS WITH ZERO EFFORT. Thanks to our high-quality emesis vomiting bags, which will help you protect your precious car interior, other passengers and your loved ones. The ergonomic design combined with the sturdy construction will help you deal with barfing accidents.

UNLIKE ALL THOSE CHEAPLY-MADE DISPOSABLE EMESIS BAGS. That are leaky and feature flimsy openings, our vomit bags for kids are designed to effectively eliminate unpleasant odors thanks to their smart ring closure system and their thick material will endure any abuse until you find a trash can.

SUFFERING FROM SEA SICKNESS, MOTION SICKNESS OR AIR SICKNESS? Don't leave home without your medical-grade disposable blue vomiting bags. Our premium barf bags are ideal for cars, trains, airplanes, helicopters, ships, boats or buses, since they can help prevent spillage or contamination.

IDEALSOLUTION FOR MORNING SICKNESSBLUES! We know that morning sickness can be really challenging and that's exactly why our disposable travel vomit bags are perfect for pregnant women who need a reliable, leak-resistant and convenient morning sickness bag!

GET YOUR AIRPLANE VOMIT BAGS 30-PACK NOW 100% RISK-FREE! Our mission is to make all those unpleasant moments a tiny bit easier and hassle-free. That's exactly why we back our disposable blue emesis bags with our unconditional money-back guarantee! If you are not 100% satisfied, we will offer you a full refund!

Here’s How You Can Deal With Motion Sickness, Seasickness & Morning Sickness Like A Pro!

Looking for a set of premium-quality emesis bags for your Uber or Lyft car? Want to prevent messy accidents while traveling by car, train, ship or airplane? Need a set of reliable, leak-proof vomiting bags for your sick children?

Introducing The Ultimate Disposable Emesis Vomit Bags 30-Pack By Better Moments!

Now you don’t have to settle for all those leaky, flimsy and low-quality motion sickness bags anymore, since our vomit bags for kids are specifically designed to help you deal with barfing incidents without ruining your car upholstery or spending a fortune on cleaning supplies!

What Makes Our Blue Emesis Bags So Special?

Thick & Sturdy Material
Leakproof & Tearproof Design
Innovative Ring Closure For Extra Security
Space-Saving Collapsible Design
Convenient, Easy-To-Use & Discreet

Why Choose Our Vomit Bags?

Save Your Money –why waste a fortune cleaning your car when you can supply your drunk Uber or Lyft passengers with a heavy-duty travel vomit bag that will keep everything in and protect your car interior?

Save Your Effort –remember the last time you had to clean up after your sick child or pregnant wife. That smell will never go away and you know it. Only our sickness vomit bags can eliminate that awful smell and keep your home or car smelling fresh!

Perfect For Home & Professional Use –looking for a budget-friendly and problem-solving set of disposable emesis bags for kids and adults? Now you can equip your home, kindergarten, school, bus, train, car, airplane cabin or ship cabin with our bags!

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